Communication in the SAT Classroom

Communication in the SAT Classroom

Picture your role model for success. Maybe you imagined Warren Buffett, chief executive officer of Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B), or maybe you thought of your mother, who started her own business. What do they do to motivate and inspire people? How do they successfully sell their products and services? The answer is effective communication strategies. Similarly, strong communication skills are necessary to achieve great results when taking an SAT course. Two students of equal intellectual capacity can end up with significant differences in their scores because one is a much better communicator. Here are four communication strategies to use in the classroom.

1. Reduce the say-do gap. Give yourself a one or two hour buffer when estimating the amount of time needed to complete the SAT assignment. My mother always told me to multiply the time you think you need by two, especially if you have difficulty with time management. Furthermore, if you consistently miss assignments, do not say “I will do my homework.” You and your teacher should find the reason for this repetitive inaction together instead. Was the topic for this particular assignment difficult to understand? Were there stressful issues at home? Was it finals week, with schoolwork becoming overwhelming? Were there other distractions, or was the reason simply laziness? Finding the solution requires knowing the problem.

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