5 Cool Twitter Marketing Tips For Your Brand

5 Cool Twitter Marketing Tips For Your Brand

Twitter and other social media platforms are great ways to keep in touch. What started as a purely personal platform for people to re-connect with friends and family has today become a marketing tool for business, small and large. Businesses are literally hustling up to get attention on social media platforms and leave their mark on people. There is no doubt that Twitter is a great marketing tool for businesses and taking the right steps is the only way to get noticed. But what are these right steps? In this article we will be looking at a few great ways to use Twitter for marketing.

1# Focusing on How To Use Search Results

Search function on Twitter works in a slightly different manner. For example when we type keywords in a search engine, we get any/all results related to the words used. You would expect the same for Twitter however this isn’t the case. Twitter lists results when ‘all’ the keywords are present in a single tweet. Now, that’s not very helpful, isn’t it? To avoid this you can use ‘the/or’ in between keywords while searching on Twitter. The use of these words tells Twitter that you are searching for one or the other term from the keywords.

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