Before You Hit ‘Send’: 5 Tips for Thoughtful Communication

Before You Hit ‘Send’: 5 Tips for Thoughtful Communication

Hasty communication can break relationships and ruin careers. Too often we write an email or send a text without double-checking the content or being mindful of the tone of the message. We have no idea how that message will get interpreted. Once you hit the “send” button, it’s kind of too late. Here are some communication tips that will keep us from burying our head in our hands. The following five recommendations are coming from my own personal communication blunders.

1. Don’t write emails or texts when you are angry

During moments of anger, our mind and intelligence become clouded. We become heated and just the way clouds cover the sun, our emotions cover our ability to think rationally. Such a heated frame of mind won’t usually lead to a positive or productive message and can only make things worse.

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