3 Ways Every Brand Can Use Social Influence to Drive Business

3 Ways Every Brand Can Use Social Influence to Drive Business

Even as we get ready to usher in 2015, PR pros and marketers alike continue to struggle with the best ways to use social media in a successful campaign strategy. Social is now (hopefully) considered crucial for any business or brand that wants to be seen — after all, it’s where your audience heads for information, to ask questions and to be heard. But that’s just your own shared media.

So how can you make social work for your brand using influencers outside of your organization?

  1. Make the Pitch: We’re in PR, right? There’s nothing wrong with reaching out to the influencers you have developed relationships with, and letting them know of the great new products or services your brand has to offer. Tell them why it matters to their audience and give them all the information they’ll need for a write up or an interview.

    Pro tip: Consider giving them a couple of pre-written tweets with pertinent information included, which they can easily share. The easier you make it for them to help you, the more likely they are to do so.

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